Sunday Morning at Hope Community Church


It’d be pretty hard to overstate just quite what this church means to Madi & I. Hope Community Church has been so welcoming to the Gardner-Webb student body and so positive for the Cleveland County area, but it’s so much more than that. It’s honestly a second home. It’s a place where the gospel is made famous and where I’ve experienced so much joy.

Madi and I are both involved in the church worship teams in different roles, (I play in the band, Madi runs AVL), but this Sunday we got to worship in a new way: with a camera body and a lens. To be honest, it started out feeling sorta awkward to be pointing a camera at a person in the middle of worship, or to crawl around the bottom of a stage looking for the best shot at church, but then it hit me: I have the privilege to use this passion as a tool for worship. We got to capture a physical response to the Holy Spirit, and get a glimpse of God at work in hundreds of lives at the same time.

Our prayer is that through this business, Jesus would be glorified. Hope’s prayer is that through their ministry, Jesus would be glorified. It was truly special to be able to serve the body of Christ in a new way. Couldn’t ask to kick off our at Immeasurably More 2018 in a better way

– Andrew

P.S. – Click here to check out the full album.

Some of our favorite shots…


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