One More = One Less Video Promo


Hope Community Church is a blessing. Plain and simple.

Madi & I are just two of the hundreds people who have been able to call this place home for a few years now, & our lives would be very different without it. It’s a place where the life and worship and creativity and generous quotes from The Office all flow out of the gospel. Being able to partner with them in their mission is something I get excited about every day.

We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us cameras and microphones and the adobe creative cloud and gimbals not just to have something fun to play with (which they are) but to make his name more famous.

If you’re looking for a promo video for your church, your business, your blog, whatever, we would love to help you! Head on over and get in touch with us!

Interested in making videos like this for yourself? Here’s a little bit on the video:

  • Throw some ambient light leaks over static footage to add some dynamic movement. Check out or, they have lots of free footage and overlays to help enhance your projects.
  • Try to add a little movement to every shot while you’re filming. If your subject is moving, follow their movement, if your subject is static, create a little movement be panning the camera ever so slightly. This little change will add a lot of cinematic quality to your footage and doesn’t cost a cent.
  • Think of ways to help your audio tell a story. For example, with this project, I wanted to tell the story of someone entering the church and walking towards the baptismal, so I added the effects of footsteps and light switches to help tell this story in a subtle way. The best videos would be nothing without great audio to match it.


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