Becoming Kings & Queens


“Project your passion.”

So what on earth does that mean? Is it just a catchy slogan? Just a little tagline to appeal to the generation of instagrammable, inspirational phrases? We certainly would hope not. To us, it is more than that. It’s an ethos, a belief, a creed for us to follow in our work and our lives. We want to use our tools to help other people’s passions take the stage.

We got to work with our friend & a mentor Melissa as she was preparing to speak before our student body. She is a foster parent herself, & has a heart to see the outsiders and those without a voice be given one. She felt called to bring attention to the words this beautiful song says.

A lot of times, looking at the big problems of the world, it seems like it’s impossible to even make a dent. You feel too young, not important enough, not powerful enough, whatever it is. You hear those words telling you that you don’t have enough money, or that it’s just too big of a problem, what have you. And those words couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sometimes all you have to do is use the tools you already have in your hand.

We’re so blessed to have played a role in this.

Note: We do not own this song, all credit goes to Audio Adrenaline and their respective partners.

“Kings & Queens” – Audio Adrenaline

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