The Marburger Family


What better way to celebrate an introduction to the spring season than a session with a beautiful family?

Jeff and Mandy Marburger are heavily involved in their local church community with Jeff being the Lead Executive Pastor. His smile is contagious to our church family as he brings forth so much truth in pure love for Jesus and His people. Mandy is a local photographer with an eye for capturing some of life’s sweetest moments.

Jeff and Mandy are the parents of two precious boys, Beckett and Isaiah. They have also graciously opened up their home to the foster community and are currently foster parents to two additional sweethearts. Their home is full of energy; that’s for sure!

Our session with this vivacious family was set in the deconstructed area of downtown Shelby. Its rustic warehouses and outdated railways made for some of the best scenery. Great photos are nearly impossible without getting your feet a bit dirty, especially with kids. We loved living with the eyes and hearts of children once again as we momentarily became part of their worlds.

We are quickly learning that the best photographs are taken when we live in the moment with our clients. By getting to know them, laugh with them, and create memories with them, we form lasting friendships. This was our goal in launching this business, and it’s incredible to see the Lord bring that to fruition.

Enjoy some of our favorite shots from this sweet session!




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